SEPAS-Plus – Negative Pressure System

The new SEPAS-PLUS (Scheuch energy-saving patented extraction system) features a central pipeline with a patented activation system. The air extracted by the individual machines is transported to a filtration plant together with the dust and shavings. The single-pipe system is easy to adapt in the event of modifications to or expansion of the machinery. The high-performance Scheuch LIGNO Impuls filters with efficient continuous cleaning ensures a residual dust content of less than 0.1 mg/m3.


To implement changes and expansions, only the short piping from the extracting machine to the main extraction pipe needs to be changed or re-laid – without having to change the dimensions of the main piping. Thanks to the high flexibility of the single-pipe system with its ability to adapt quickly and easily, productivity of the operation can be increased.


An automatic mixing control ensures that heat recovered from the extracted air is put to best use. The control meters the volume of return air according to the outside temperature. This is fed back to the workshop with optimal flow and little draught.


The extraction plant is controlled by a touch panel. This allows it to be adapted to the respective requirements and optimal extraction to be achieved. With respect to fire and explosion protection, the entire range of dedusting and material conveying plants is ATEX-certified from collection at the production machine right up to depositing in the silo. This provides legal security for the operator in terms of risk evaluation, as well as in terms of the determination and limitation of security zones as per the explosion protection document. ATEX-certification, H3 and GS symbols guarantee operational safety and high availability of the extraction system.


The SEPAS-PLUS system scores points in the first instance due to its high energy efficiency, which is a direct result of the variable air volume responding to changes in machine capacity. This means that the extraction output is constantly being adapted to the current capacity of the processing machines, which therefore optimises energy consumption or keeps it at a low level.

SEPAS-Plus – Negative Pressure System in Action