Saw Mill

The limit values for the allowable dust pollution in sawing lines are quickly exceeded. To get this problem under control, Scheuch LIGNO GmbH offers each customer a complete individual solution which incorporates the company’s many years of experience in ventilation.

Excessive levels of dust in saw mills lead to higher maintenance and cleaning expenditure on the machines and in the hall, as well as an increased danger of fire and explosion. The increased dust pollution can cause serious health problems for staff members. To comply with the statutory worker protection regulations, an appropriately dimensioned dedusting plant must be installed in sawing lines. Adherence with the prescribed limit values is increasingly being checked by worker protection institutes.

Scheuch LIGNO GmbH has already set up numerous dedusting plants in saw mills, meaning than dust levels of less than 2 mg/m³ can be ensured in the saw mill hall. A saw mill dedusting plant can only achieve the target values if a complete solution is implemented. A targeted air return with a residual dust content of less than 0.1 mg/Nm³ is one of the key aspects for achieving the target limit values.