Solid Wood Production

At Scheuch LIGNO GmbH, the extraction systems for the solid wood industry incorporate the experience and know-how gathered from the hundreds of systems which have been implemented. Even in the event of extreme demands, such as multiple-shift operation, large quantities of material, high processing speeds and continuous operation, Scheuch LIGNO GmbH extraction systems impress with their reliability. It is also worth highlighting our level of expertise when it comes to sound, explosion and fire protection concepts. With all system solutions, special customer requests are taken into account and every company receives an extraction system with a custom design and which is implemented in line with their requirements.

For decades, companies producing solid structural timber and glued laminated timber have been among our regular customers. We are especially familiar with our customers’ manufacturing processes and set our systems in such a way that optimum extraction is guaranteed, even at production peaks. Our customers’ satisfaction is what has made Scheuch LIGNO GmbH the market leader!

Scheuch LIGNO GmbH has accompanied the rapid rise in cross-laminated timber (CLT) solid wood production from the outset. With our extensive experience, we can proudly say that we are well-equipped for every challenge. Whether it’s for CNC machining, wide-belt grinding machines or planing machines with a 1500 mm plane width, Scheuch LIGNO GmbH always has the ideal solution!

What’s more, parquet manufacturers have formed part of our regular customer base since our founding. This is another area where we can provide the ideal extraction solution for all applications – solid wooden floorboards, laminate or plastic.