Woodworkers, Joiners, Carpenters

A cost-effective solution for extracting wood dust and other types of dust that wood processing applications produce. That’s what Scheuch LIGNO GmbH is offering all woodworkers, joiners and carpenters with the DeDust Pro range of dedusters. The innovative dedusters win over customers with their outstanding properties – in fact, they have been installed in more than 100 facilities and customer feedback has been extremely positive. The high level of energy efficiency is definitely worth emphasizing. For each deduster, an extraction output of up to 11,000 m³/h is possible with a nominal air volume of 8000 m³/h. If the requirements exceed this, two or three devices can also be coupled together. Air volumes of up to 33,000 m³/h are possible with indoor installation.

The SEPAS Pro system solution impresses with its flexibility, energy efficiency and safety when it comes to fire and explosion protection. SEPAS Pro is also ideal for larger quantities of material. No foundations are required for pre-cabled dedusters. As a result, installation is particularly convenient and simple.

For larger companies, Scheuch LIGNO GmbH has the SEPAS-Plus system solution with the LIGNO Compact filter in its product range for systems with an air volume between 20,000 and 40,000 m³/h. All Scheuch LIGNO GmbH extraction systems are custom-made for each company and offer an economical solution that yields the very best performance.