Sécurité et Qualité

Nous accordons une grande importance à la sécurité de nos collaborateurs et installations lors de la conception et de la fabrication. Les rapports d’expert et les certificats d’organismes de contrôle reconnus accordés à nos produits et solutions garantissent la sécurité juridique de l’exploitant. Comme nous concevons et fabriquons nos produits de A à Z, nous garantissons la qualité « Made in Austria ».



As a technology company focusing on air purification solutions, quality and the protection of people and the environment are at the center of our tasks. Acting responsibly in these areas enables us to present an authentic image to employees, customers and other stakeholders. This HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) policy summarizes our principles of action in these areas. It is valid and binding for all employees in our group of companies and also includes business relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners.

For us, quality means compliance with all laws, regulations and customer requirements. Through our system-supported quality management system, we continuously control and improve our processes and procedures. Our employees are specifically promoted in their skills through training. The exchange with our customers, suppliers and other parties contributes to the continuous improvement of our products and their manufacturing. The aim is to detect variations in quality at an early stage and to be able to intervene accordingly so that customers receive our equipment and systems in the required quality at the right time. We assume responsibility in the event of non-conformity and react in such cases in a professional and solution-oriented manner. We incorporate the knowledge gained from errors into our production methods and system support in order to continuously improve our quality performance.

Sustainability is a fundamental component of our actions and our company. We take social, ecological and economic aspects into account in every decision we make. With the development and production of low-consumption and low-emission plants, equipment and components, we make a daily contribution to the protection of people and the preservation of an environment worth living in. In order to safeguard the future of upcoming generations, we strive to reduce all pollutant burdens on employees, customers and the environment. We take responsibility for permanently reducing our ecological footprint – not only with our products and solutions, but also with prudent actions within our own value chain. To ensure that our measures and actions are effective, we actively set targets and measure our success. Adhering to binding commitments is a matter of course for us, and we constantly strive to further develop our environmental and sustainability management system.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our primary goal is to create an accidentfree working environment. Protecting the health of our employees is our top priority. We implement appropriate preventive measures to avoid injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses. In doing so, we ensure that all necessary resources are available to meet our principles. We regard occupational safety as a central task of leadership. Our managers act as role models and motivate our employees to demonstrate safety-conscious behavior.
We create safe working conditions and ensure that safety measures are implemented consistently. Our goal is to implement and maintain a zero-accident policy at our operating sites. With regard to our products, too, one of our top priorities is to protect people and the environment from the hazards that can emanate from these technical systems. To this end, we establish a safety management system in accordance with IEC 61511: Functional Safety for process equipment. The avoidance of systematic and accidental faults in the development, production and operation of our plants is our top priority.

The health of our employees and the prevention of work-related illnesses, injuries and accidents is of paramount importance. We take responsibility for maintaining the health of our employees and provide the resources that legally mandated persons need to perform their duties. Working conditions are regularly evaluated and the resulting measures are implemented for the benefit of our employees. We strive to continuously improve working conditions to achieve a high level of health protection maturity. We offer our employees the opportunity to actively or passively promote their health and also support health-conscious behavior by raising awareness. Occupational health screening, individual company medical advice and hygiene are essential components of our health management, which is based on the EN ISO 45001:2018 standard.