Project overview

Customer JELD-WEN Türen GmbH
Industry Furniture Industry
Location Upper Austria, Spital am Pyhrn
Solution segus+
Filter Scheuch LIGNO impulse filter EtaMax
Extraction capacity 300.000 m³/h
Special feature soundproofed filter systems
Commissioning 2020

Optimised productivity thanks to negative pressure

Optimised productivity thanks to negative pressure with additional soundproofed filters provided.

Segus is an energy-saving group negative pressure system. Thanks to this new Scheuch LIGNO extraction technology, the DANA door manufacturer now saves energy costs on the three filter systems with a maximum total capacity of 300,000 m³/h. Furthermore, the new systems are particularly quiet.

The filter systems are eleven metres high and located on the roof of the door factory, are completely soundproofed and highly flexible. The extraction capacity can always be adjusted to the requirements which increases productivity and lowers production costs. The outstanding efficiency of the integral fans (EtaMax-Unit) also contributes to energy savings. Spark extinguishing systems are installed in the entire location. Scheuch LIGNO adapted the existing conveyor systems to the silo.

Enhanced convenience and safety

The extraction plant is controlled by a touch panel. This allows it to be adapted to the respective requirements and enables optimum extraction. In terms of fire and explosion protection, the entire range of dedusting and material conveying plants is ATEX-certified, from collection at the production machine right up to introduction into the silo. This provides legal security for the operator in terms of risk evaluation, and enables determination and limitation of safety zones within explosion protection documents. ATEX-certification, H3 and GS symbols guarantee operational safety and high availability of the exhaust system.

Energy recovery

An automatic mixing control, which doses the volume of return air returned to the workshop appropriately according to the outside temperature, at an optimum flow and with minimal draughts, ensures that any heat recovered is used to best advantage.

Energy savings and soundproofing play an important part in extraction technology

“Our old extraction system was from 1974 and required a great deal of maintenance due to its age”, says Alexander Holzer, Technical Manager at JELD-WEN Türen GmbH.

“Production systems did not stop for a single day”

The important thing when implementing the project was that production could continue as smoothly as possible without limitations despite the large renovation. The new filter systems were installed while operation continued and during night shifts. “It was a huge challenge for everyone. We had never had such a large project in the Spital location. It was amazing to see how Scheuch LIGNO planned and implemented everything. Our production systems did not stop for a single day”, explains Alexander Holzer. “The factory in Spital has existed since 1974 and we have always had Scheuch systems since 1974. Scheuch has been part of DANA for its entire existence and we have never had any negative experiences.”

Segus – the extraction system with negative pressure regulation and for optimum productivity

In the Scheuch energy-saving group negative pressure system (segus), a technically mature and cost-effective solution, the processing machines are connected to one or several group extraction systems. The extracted wood chip dust mixture is fed into the filtering system via the pipe and separated. Air cleaned by the filter is then conveyed through the high performance fan and can be blown outside directly using a change-over flap in summer. Air can be fed back via a return channel into the production hall during the heating period.

The fan power is regulated to the required operational negative pressure via the frequency convertor. The amount of air reduces automatically to the actual level required if only some of the machines are in operation. Significant energy savings can be achieved via the frequency convertor controller. Specific and professional size calculations for the individual group extraction systems, choosing the right clean gas fans and using robust components are the basic prerequisites for high system efficiency and availability.

World’s leading door and window manufacturers

The JELD-WEN Group was founded in 1960 in Oregon, USA. Nowadays, it is the world’s leading door and window manufacturer with more than 120 production locations in 20 countries in North America, Australia and Europe, as well as 25,000 employees. The JELD-WEN Group is a global company that has been majority-owned by the ONEX group of companies since 2011. The two DANA locations in Spital am Pyhrn and Pöckstein employ around 520 people. These two locations produce around 500,000 doors and 192,000 frames per year over a surface area of 42,000 m². DANA was founded in 1973 by DANubius Holzplattenwerke and Stift Admont and acquired by JELD-WEN in 2007. The company name was changed from DANA to JELD-WEN Türen GmbH but the DANA brand remained. For more information,

“We now have three new filter systems on the roof. We have replaced the old, large system with two new ones and the smaller with a new one of the same size. The energy savings thanks to the new extraction systems obviously played a huge role. The soundproofing was also very important to us. We are highly sensitive towards our neighbours and therefor build everything soundproofed. The official measurements showed that the new systems are now much quieter than the old ones.”

Alexander Holzer, Technical Manager at JELD-WEN Türen GmbH