segas+ excess pressure system

The plus is for more efficiency for extreme requirements

The expertise gained from hundreds of systems in the solid wood processing industry for constant-capacity production and manufacturing processes is to be found in every segas+ (Scheuch effective group extraction system) extraction system. The “Plus” stands for maximum availability, despite of the extreme demands that come from multi-shift operation, enormous volumes of dust and chips, high processing speeds and fault-free continuous operation. SEGAS+ is synonymous with excellent efficiency with components proven in practice.

The fundamental prerequisite is uncompromising system planning and therefore the best individual solution always being in the foreground. A specific layout of the individual group extraction systems and the hard-wearing design of the in-house manufactured components play a decisive part in high effectiveness.

Unsurpassed efficiency

Special fans (with direct and belt drives), solid high-performance impellers with an efficiency of up to 85 %, the robust design of the components, as well as wear protection on ducts and filter systems ensures the excellent system availability and reliability. Scheuch LIGNO manufactures all components in-house, ensuring the highest possible level of quality combined with outstanding value for money. The resulting long service life of systems reduces the life cycle costs (LCC).

segas+ benefits at a glance

with proven components from recognised manufacturers. Visualisation and easy operation using a Scheuch colour touch panel and remote maintenance.

Easy local operation includes all filter sensor inputs and outputs and the logic modules used for filter cleaning.

direct or belt driven, solid high performance impellers able to operate at up to 85 % efficiency. Durability because of various wear protection designs for both the housing and the impeller.

Effective and efficient cleaning, independent of differential pressure and pressure fluctuations. Negligible compressed air costs due to the patented Scheuch injector.

Long filter bag service life due to the effective material pre-separation.

for even and constant material discharge over a generously sized screw

Rotary valves developed and manufactured by us with various rotor designs, “rubber – carbide – blade”, ATEX tested as independent protective systems.

Flow optimised, low draught air exchange in the cold months. The return air proportion is regulated by the outside temperature. Optional year-round, low draught air exchange when using the return air duct.

Maximum safety with a minimum of limitations. A practical solution for fire and explosion protection.

GreCon spark extinguisher systems have proven themselves in practice for over 20 years in Scheuch extraction plants. No interface problems, optimised for the application – everything from a single source.

An economic and reliable way to work, more than 100 t/h and conveying paths up to 1,500 m, low or high pressure conveyor systems depending on the quantity of material and the distance.

Depending on the material demands, the use of thick-walled round pipe bends or bends with replaceable wear back plates. Radii up to 10 times the pipe diameter for lower pipework resistance and high operating reliability.


Decisive system benefits of a segas+ excess pressure system

The significant system benefits of the excess pressure system are the automatic system controller with touch panel and ligno filter controller for simple on-site operation. Efficient special fans, the patented impulse cleaning system and TOP-DOWN material pre-separation are also included. A generously-sized › screw and › rotary valves with various rotor designs for even material discharge complete the extraction system.