Oil and emulsion extraction

Oil and emulsion fumes are extracted effectively

Imagining the metalworking industry without metal-cutting manufacturing procedures is no longer possible. If the machines are fully-automated precision machines or manually-operated machines, emulsions are used to improve the processing quality and the tool service lives. This causes emulsion fumes that nebulise when processing the metals.

Oil and emulsion fumes are fine droplets of liquid substances that nebulise on the tool, the workpiece and in the entire room when drilling, milling, turning and grinding. These aerosols can be inhaled , enter employees’ eyes or land on their skin, which may result in skin irritation, eye irritation and respiratory illnesses. The Scheuch LIGNO oil and emulsion extraction system contributes to reducing the effects of the emulsion fumes and therefore to protecting employees’ health. Furthermore, machine and equipment service lives are extended and cleanliness in the workplace is ensured.


Decentralised extraction system

When using the decentralised extraction system for oil and emulsion fumes, extraction takes place directly at the source of occurrence, which results in higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and lower investment costs.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Low investment costs

  • Energy efficient

  • Flexible

Centralised extraction system

A centralised extraction system is a good choice for companies in which a large amount of oil and emulsion fumes occur. In this extraction system, the emulsion fumes are extracted on the various machines and filtered.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Can be combined with heat recovery systems

  • Recirculation air and fresh air can be regulated

  • Intelligent air volume control