Painting system design

Bespoke and flexible solutions

Wet painting systems are becoming increasingly important when it comes to various aspects such as surface protection on components or a flawless visual appearance of visible components. The different requirements therefore require different coating systems and the corresponding painting system design.

As a producer of individual system components and complete painting systems, Scheuch LIGNO plans and implements the system that has been adapted to the customer’s requirements. Through the a flexible design for batch and series production, Schuch LIGNO develops suitable concepts for small and large components, which harmonise with all processes and products. Spray booths can also be designed as combined spray and drying booths depending on the requirements.

Scheuch LIGNO has the ideal filter solution for every application in order to protect the environment and optimise maintenance costs. From floor extraction and underfloor extraction, spray walls and paint mist extraction walls to filter cellars, the Scheuch LIGNO product range enables all position options for filters. Thanks to modular filter systems, Scheuch LIGNO lives up to its own high demands to lower operating costs and also comes in below the strictest environmental protection requirements. Thanks to modular filtering, the system can be adjusted to the applicable coating method. A further benefit is therefore the best possible filter service lives. The production facility for the system components for booth construction is located at the Scheuch LIGNO location in Mehrnbach in Austria.

Painting systems

Work processes and production steps must be meticulously planned and high quality requirements and standards must be met. Scheuch LIGNO has all the required expertise and will work with the customer to create the perfect environment for the painting system. Scheuch LIGNO pays attention to cost-effectiveness, employees, the environment and the applicable legal framework. And we create the perfect painting system for every customer’s needs.

Underfloor extraction

Uniform, vertical extraction across the entire floor area enables operators to make the best possible use of the working space and helps achieve maximum surface quality. With the right design, it is even possible to paint high-gloss surfaces. This enables flexible surface treatment from all sides for workpieces of every shape and size. The in-ceiling supply air filtration unit, located directly above the extraction area, ensures that air is guided as effectively as possible and creates a pleasant working environment.

Spray wall (spray wall, paint mist extraction wall)

Version (only) overhead: if there is no floor pit present and it is not possible in install one, an overhead version can be used.

Spray booth design

The better the coating environment, the better the painting results will be. The high-quality, standardised modular system from Scheuch LIGNO allows for a broad spectrum of booth sizes – both freestanding booths and solutions that are adapted and built into the angular spaces and designs of existing structures. A rapid and smooth flow of materials plays a key role in Scheuch LIGNO’s design philosophy. Transport openings for the items to be painted can be accommodated on an individual basis – and actuated either manually or automatically.

Our range at a glance:
  • Customised booth construction

  • Flame-resistant and heat-insulating construction materials

  • Doors and gates with and without automatic drives

  • Flush lighting fittings, including with LED technology (ATEX zone)
  • Window elements as required

  • Freestanding booths

  • Booths adapted to existing structures

Multi-stage filter systems

From single-stage centrifugal force separation to multi-stage filter systems. All filter systems are adapted to requirements

Ventilation technology

Scheuch LIGNO will design a ventilation system that is perfectly tailored its customers’ requirements. Accurate sizing of the system will influence not only the investment costs, but also the operating costs. Intelligent controls ensure that recovery systems and energy-saving circuits can be used in a meaningful way – without affecting the coating process.

For more information, see › Ventilation technology.

Our range at a glance:
  • Energy-saving mode thanks to
  • intelligent controls in the switch cabinet

  • Energy recovery systems

  • Heating and cooling systems

  • Highly efficient fans

  • Humidification and dehumidification systems

  • Infinitely variable air volume control

  • Exhaust air cleaning by means of multi-stage filtration

  • Scheuch LIGNO “air flow control” – fully-automated flow regulation over the entire filter service life

Paint storage areas

Special fire-protected paint storage areas to comply with applicable regulations to protect people and nature with sufficiently-sized collection containers. The selas+ range is complemented by special air technology solutions for paint storage areas, complete with exhaust air fans, extraction pipes and fresh air supply to comply with the applicable flammable liquids ordinance.