The right solution for every application

Thanks to many years of experience, Scheuch LIGNO also provides individual and tailor-made solutions for related areas.

Scheuch LIGNO was able to convince many renowned manufacturers of sporting equipment such as skis, snowboards or racquets of its competence in the area of extracting and separating composite materials. These manufacturers have therefore been relying on Scheuch LIGNO for decades.

CO2 reductions and ecological construction are particularly current topics. The Scheuch LIGNO extraction technology is used when producing and processing insulants such as rock wool, cellulose, hemp and straw. Scheuch LIGNO is also the perfect point of contact when it comes to dedusting biomass fuel halls including conveying technology.

Customers and partners also trust the Scheuch LIGNO extraction and filter technology when cleaning grains and preparing feeds.

Thanks to our expertise that we have gathered over decades and the competence that we have built up, Scheuch LIGNO sets itself these tasks and can therefore offer its customers individual solutions in many areas.