Innovative ventilation technology for safe and pleasant working environments

In various application areas, be they the wood or metal sector, ventilation technology in conjunction with industrial hall extraction plays a decisive role in ensuring a healthy working environment, quality requirements and the wellbeing of all employees.

There are many important points to consider when selecting the correct ventilation technology


The fan is the heart of ventilation technology. Frequency converters and intelligent control technology are used to adjust the fan energy efficiently to the relevant conditions.


Scheuch LIGNO uses valve controllers, sensors to set parameters and corresponding control technology to guarantee that the ventilation technology is controlled energy-efficiently and adjusts to the specific requirements.


In order to ensure long filter service lives, quality and employee health, the suitable filter type is selected for the ventilation technology after a precise analysis of the processing material and load factor.

Heat exchanger

Due to quality requirements or the wellbeing of employees, a great deal of energy is often consumed to warm or cool the production facility. Machining processes such as welding or thermal cutting also produce a great deal of heat energy. With a suitable Scheuch LIGNO heat exchanger, we tap into the full potential and attempt to use the relevant ventilation technology to operate the production area as energy-efficiently as possible.

Ex zone design

Due to various work processes in industrial environments, ventilation systems come into contact with potentially hazardous materials. The ventilation technology with an explosion-protected design aims to minimise the risk of explosions or fires in production facilities.

Choosing the right ventilation technology requires careful planning. Scheuch LIGNO offers tailor-made solutions that consider all important aspects of the relevant machining process and the wellbeing of the employees.