Reducing noise emissions is becoming increasingly important to prevent noise that is harmful to health on the one hand and to comply with the ever stricter legal regulations on the other hand. The most important aim is to protect your own employees, as well as neighbours.

In order to achieve this aim effectively, Scheuch LIGNO offers comprehensive solutions for soundproofing its systems. We therefore use our customers’ requirements to draw up a tailor-made package of measures.

The Scheuch LIGNO in-house soundproofing experts will design and select the soundproofing measures required for your project. The calculations are based on the level characteristic values for our devices and also on data that has been collected over the years during noise measurements on comparable systems.

A combination of different products may be possible or required depending on the specified target emissions.

The sound insulation products are developed in-house and manufactured in our own production facilities. This enables us to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Scheuch LIGNO soundproofing cabinets can be manufactured both as an individual cabinet for just one radial fan or as large cabinets for several devices. The cabinet sizes can be adjusted individually. Furthermore, Scheuch LIGNO offers a wide range of accessories such as single-leaf or double-leaf doors, loading and unloading systems for the cabinet and much more.

The sound insulation range:
  • Pipe silencers

  • Baffle silencers

  • Panel resonators

  • Soundproofing cabinets