Regardless of the sector, Scheuch LIGNO offers all of its customers the optimum individual solution in extraction technology. Scheuch LIGNO draws up the most cost-effective concept for any customer requirement. The focus is always on increasing efficiency, reducing running costs and the highest flexibility. No matter whether it’s a turnkey complete system or individual adaptation projects, Scheuch LIGNO is a one-stop shop!

Thanks to its expertise, Scheuch LIGNO offers perfect, tailor-made complete solutions that are particularly cost-effective and energy efficient.

Scheuch LIGNO has a suitable extraction solution in its range for each procedure in the metals sector, such as welding, grinding or painting.

The Scheuch LIGNO energy saving filters are versatile for use in industry and trade.

Flexible solutions that save energy and space for different materials and with selas+ to form a turnkey complete system.

Pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems and rotary valves guarantee high availability and operational safety.

Scheuch LIGNO disposes of and recycles separated material sustainably. Resources are conserved and the environment protected.

Fan technology

The Schuch LIGNO solid fans feature a long service life and particularly low maintenance costs.

Scheuch LIGNO ventilation technology guarantees a healthy working environment and therefore ensures all quality requirements.

Scheuch LIGNO writes the requirements profiles for the controller itself; system complexity and customer requirements are considered.