segus negative pressure system

The extraction system with negative pressure regulation for optimum productivity

In the Scheuch energy-saving group negative pressure system (segus), a technically mature and cost-effective solution, the processing machines are connected to one or several group extraction systems. The extracted wood chip dust mixture is fed into the filtering system via the pipe and separated. Air cleaned by the filter is then conveyed through the high performance fan and can be blown outside directly using a change-over flap in summer. Air from a segus negative pressure system can be fed back via a return channel into the production hall during the heating period. Segus negative pressure systems ensure optimum productivity even under difficult conditions.

Technically mature, energy saving group negative pressure extraction system

Significant energy savings thanks to frequency converters

The segus negative pressure system provides an energy efficient solution especially for existing systems. The fan power is regulated to the required operational negative pressure via the frequency converter. The amount of air reduces automatically to the actual level required if only some of the machines are in operation.

Significant energy savings can be achieved via the frequency convertor › controller. Specific and professional size calculations for the individual group extraction systems, choosing the right clean gas fans and using robust components are the basic prerequisites for high system efficiency and availability.

Technically mature, energy saving group negative pressure extraction system