Material­ separators

Efficient material separation for waste in paper, box and cardboard manufacturing

When manufacturing paper, cardboard and boxes, waste such as edge off-cuts or punching remnants is often generated. These waste materials are normally collected by extraction systems and used for further processes. Waste from further processing and finished, as well as from print shops is conveyed away pneumatically. A special separator is required to separate the materials from the air. The Scheuch LIGNO material separator performs this task reliably and efficiently.

Extraction systems are also essential in recycling plants in order to convey and sort highly valuable waste materials. The Scheuch LIGNO material separator is used especially to separate films, fluff and plastics.

The Scheuch LIGNO material separator is located upstream of the filter and separates coarse material from the primary air flow. The separator carries the separated material out of the machine using a vacuum and then guides it to baling presses, containers and compactors. The dust is conveyed via the primary air to a downstream filter system. This filter system separates the dust and cleans the air.

The Scheuch LIGNO material separator design is based on rotary valves that are tried and tested for decades and known for their robustness. Thanks to its robust design, the material separator is not only impressive due to its functions, but also due to its reliability and guarantees fault-free operation for decades. In the standard version, the material separator is suitable for negative pressures of -5000 Pa and air quantities of 5000 m³/h to 75,000 m³/h.

IMpressive benefits:
  • Extremely reliable

  • Efficient separation
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Suitable for Large material quantities
  • Can be used in positive / negative pressure

Areas of Application:
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Manufacturing packaging, boxes and cardboard
  • Processing paper further and finishing it
  • Print shop and bookbinding shop
  • Recycling plants