LIGNO round filters

Robust, powerful and round

The Scheuch LIGNO round filter is a compact, heavy-duty filtering separator in the form of a round impulse filter with fully automated online cleaning of the filter bags using compressed air impulses and is suitable for separating dusts and chips.

Operation in an explosive atmosphere

There is an explosion-pressure-shock resistant version with explosion pressure relief for operation in an explosive atmosphere containing a dust and air mixture.

The crude gas enters the inlet part that is designed as a centrifugal force separator for pre-separation laterally and the majority of the material is separated. The dust-laden gas flows into the filter bag from the outside, is filtered there and flows onwards through the injector into the clean gas room. The separated dust remains on the filter bag surface as a filter cake. The filter cake is cleaned using the impulse cleaning system at periodic intervals. The separated dust falls out downwards.

  • Clean gas chamber

  • Manhole

  • Compressed air tank

  • Diaphragm valve

  • Clean gas outlet

  • Jet pipe

  • Filter bag

  • Cyclone pre-separator

  • Crude gas inlet

  • Dust collection cone

  • Dust discharge

  • Pressure relief


The round filter is used to separate large material quantities and high dust loads.

  • With pre-separator (pressure-free feeding in conjunction with a rotary valve)

  • Bunker top filter