High-performance solutions

Radial fans are used in an extraction system to generate the required flow rate and the corresponding pressure increase. The geometric properties of the impeller and the casing play an important role in conveying air, dust and material efficiently.

The fans that are used have been developed and manufactured within the Scheuch Group and are tried and tested thanks to their decades of used, testing and further development.

The specially-developed impeller geometry also enable impellers to convey material highly efficiently (e.g. wood shavings from high performance planers). The high degree of efficiency enables higher energy efficiency.

The solid design of the Scheuch LIGNO fans enables use in industrial environments. This ensures long service lives and low maintenance costs at the same time.
The fans are designed based on individual and project-specific requirements. Different needs for additional equipment and designs can be considered. For example, additional wear protection is just as possible as a stainless steel version.

Versions for use to convey explosive air and dust mixtures or for use in explosive atmospheres are also part of these fans’s applications. For this, the fans comply with a corresponding ATEX zone suitability, adapted to the conveyed medium’s requirements.

A difference can basically be made between the following designs:

  • Radial fans with direct drive
  • Radial fans with belt drive
  • Radial fans with coupling drive
  • SwingOut radial fans
  • PullOut radial fans

Depending on the design and version, capacities within a range of up to 1,500,000 Am³ per hour and a pressure increase of up to 30,000 Pa are possible.

Scheuch LIGNO radial fans are delivered by Scheuch COMPONENTS. For more information, see › Scheuch COMPONENTS.

Accessories for radial fans
  • Speed monitoring

  • Vibration monitor

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Throttle valves

  • Vibration damper

  • Expansion joints

  • Pipe silencers

  • Baffle silencers

  • Soundproofing cabinets