Complete systems for surface technology

“First impressions count”, regardless of whether it’s visual, functional or surface-protecting attributes, only the best surfaces leave long-lasting impressions. Scheuch LIGNO has therefore set itself the task of providing you with a suitable environment so that you can concentrate on your value-adding coating work.

No matter whether it’s for wood, metal, composite materials or even plastics, with decades of experience, Scheuch LIGNO provided you with prospects for ecological and economical future concepts.

With selas+, Scheuch LIGNO has turnkey complete systems in its range. Painting systems, spray booths, preparation booths and the matching conveying technology provide the basis for perfectly painted surfaces. Scheuch LIGNO meets all requirements in the preparation, painting, flashing off and drying areas.

The Scheuch LIGNO products are used in various sectors. Examples include furniture production, joiners’ workshops and carpentry firms, machine construction, vehicle construction, shipbuilding and aircraft construction. The technical design of the systems is decisive. Scheuch LIGNO can therefore call on decades of expertise.

Scheuch LIGNO analyses the processes, the products and the customers’ requirements with the aim of always enabling the most cost-effective solution.

The particular benefits of surface technology

Energy saving


Individual solutions for noise insulation requirements

Long service life for the components

The latest control technology

The scheuch LIGNO “One-stop shop”

  • A one-stop shop, packaged specialist competence in all surface treatment areas

  • Flexible and modular spray booth design (small and large components) for different applications – from pure corrosion protection to high-gloss spray booths

  • Turnkey systems

  • Ventilation and filter components that have been designed and produced in-house for painting applications. Vertical integration thanks to the latest production technologies. Board machining using fibre lasers and ultra-modern duct and pipeline production. In-house switch cabinet production and programmers that we have trained ourselves.

  • The highest level of heat recovery, tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements.

  • Air conditioning regardless of the paint and painting technology

  • Humidification and dehumidification on-point, as well as cooling, heating and filtration

  • Exhaust air cleaning via RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation) for clean air. Modular, individual complete solution that is adapted to individual requirements. Flexible choice of fuel – natural gas, propane, heating oil or biofuel.

selas+ individual comprehensive range

With selas+, Scheuch LIGNO provides cost-effective painting system concepts that are based on modular systems. selas+ comprises the complete system design from material transport, pre-treatment, extraction technology to surface coating areas such as spraying, drying and sanding. The range will win you over with its high degree of flexibility, which meets the increasing quality demands and requirements of customers completely. The high surface and product quality, energy-saving operation, its flexible and convenient operating principle, user-friendly operation and low maintenance costs are all advantages of the system. Furthermore, the operating costs are low thanks to heat recovery, recirculated air operation during the drying stage and the use of efficient fans.

The selas+ modular system provides solutions for the different surface coating areas depending on requirements and the system concept.

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