DeDust PRO deduster

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The Scheuch LIGNO DeDust PRO series is designed in accordance with DIN EN 16770. These dedusters can be used for flow rates of up to 10,000 m³/h. They are devices used to extract wood dust and chips from wood processing machines. The deduster may only be installed indoors. However, this provides significant advantages over stationary filter systems. The DeDust PRO is delivered fully-pre assembled and wired. Setup indoors is also possible without explosion protection measures. The DeDust PRO therefore saves you money. Scheuch LIGNO dedusters extinguish fires by removing oxygen and not using a fire extinguisher. The high-cost inspections of special triggering equipment and the fire extinguisher are therefore not required for the machine’s entire service life.

Further benefits at a glance:

  • Crude gas inlet

    The structural design of the crude gas inlet is the result of flow simulation. The supplied air distribution system and the tried-and-tested Scheuch non-return flap promotes efficient separation.

  • Cleaning

    Internal diaphragm valves increase cleaning efficiency as well as achieving a simultaneous reduction in noise levels.

  • Filter cartridges

    Exceptional performance is achieved via the specially developed filter cartridge. A dust residue of < 0.1 mg/Nm³ is standard across all devices.

  • Storage

    The standard storage bins are safe and easy to use. In addition, a whole host of other options are available, such as briquetters, containers and other solutions such as compressed-air-conveying containers and silos.

  • Fan

    An industry leading radial clean air fan has been designed to maximum efficiency in terms of maximum extraction output.

  • Silencer

    A waste air silencer has been integrated as standard which positions the ligno DeDust PRO amongst the ranks of the quietest dedusters on the market.

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