Preparing the paper waste for recycling

Scheuch LIGNO has offered solutions for many problems in paper processing for more than 40 years. Coming from the wood industry, the fundamental solution approaches are also applied in the paper and recycling areas.

Extraction improves air and product quality

The tried and tested ligno filters are ideal for paper processing applications and also in the paper generation industry. Scheuch LIGNO has expanded its product range and developed the components that are required additionally for this sector.

Paper cutters or shredder and conveying fans – Scheuch LIGNO is a one-stop shop. The core task is preparing the paper waste for recycling. Printing firms, bookbinders or newspaper printers are customers who value Scheuch LIGNO’s experience.

Dust extraction and disposal technology for all machining processes, specialised and permanent

Dust extraction in printing firms and the associated improvements to air quality in the workplace benefit both employees and the product quality. Homogeneous separation is part of the solution, increases recycling revenue and increases sustainability. Paper waste or paper dusts are disposed of reliably and while saving energy thanks to the tried and tested Scheuch LIGNO disposal solutions.