Laser fume extraction and plasma fume extraction

Laser technology has many applications in the metals industry, such as cutting, engraving, welding or labelling. Laser cutting is a procedure in which a laser beam is used to cut metal.

In this procedure, no material is vapourised and therefore no fumes occur. Instead, the high temperatures can cause small amounts of dust and vapours that are expelled from the metal. These cutting emissions may be harmful to health depending on the type of material to be processed. Fumes from metals such as chrome, nickel or zinc are even carcinogenic at certain levels.

Laser fume extraction

The Scheuch LIGNO extraction system for laser fumes has been developed especially to remove harmful substances that occur when laser cutting metals. The laser fumes are extracted directly at the source of occurrence and this prevents the emissions spreading throughout the production hall.

Reducing hazardous substances reliably

Both the plasma and flame cutting procedures are thermal cutting procedures that are very common in the metals industry. In both procedures, the high heat generated by combining oxygen and flammable gas is used to cut metal parts.

However, the emissions from this procedure, which are harmful to health must not be disregarded which is why it is important to use a powerful extraction system to reduce the hazardous substances.

Plasma and flame cutting extraction

When cutting thermally using plasma and flame cutters, the fast throughput times cause huge fume clouds in the production hall. The Scheuch LIGNO extraction system collects the enormous dust quantities with numerous fine dust particles at the source of occurrence, filters them and returns the air to the production hall.