Promote health, increase productivity

Welding is a positive substance jointing production process to manufacture complex components and designs. The mixture of gaseous and solid particles that occur during the welding process and that have a particle size of less than 1 µm are so fine that they penetrate deep into the lungs. Employee health can therefore be seriously harmed. By removing welding fumes from the production hall, the air quality in the workplace improves and employees are subjected to fewer health risks.

Product filter with w3

Filter media

The Scheuch LIGNO filter cartridges have been developed especially for dedusting fine fumes from welding and cutting processes. Corrugated polyester media with nano fibre overlays provide significant benefits in comparison to standard filter cartridges. The higher separation performance that is guaranteed from the first second enables compliance with the legal limit values without problems. Filter service lives and energy efficiency also increase due to the low level of drag.

Filter benefits at a glance

  • High efficiency right from the start

  • Low drag

  • Higher separation performance than standard filters

  • No initial pre-coating required

  • Energy-efficient

  • Long service lives

A special feature of the Scheuch LIGNO welding fume extraction system is the W3 certification which enables the air extracted during the stainless steel welding procedure (chrome-nickel steels) to be returned to the hall via the recirculation principle after filtering in Germany. The W3 certification has developed into a significant quality feature for welding fume filter devices. Using a certified device provides reassurance that it has been tested independently and meets the highest standards. The international significance of the certification mark has increased, as it is the only one in the world, which was developed for welding fume filter devices and tests their requirements.

MAC stands for maximum allowable concentration and refers to the maximum allowable concentration of a harmful material or substance in the air in the workplace. Employers are obliged to monitor the MAC values for harmful substances in the workplace and to ensure that these are not exceeded. A welding fume extraction system from Scheuch LIGNO ensures the MAC values. (The MAC limit value in Austria is ≤ 5mg/m³)

Heat recovery –
an additional benefit

Heat recovery using rotary heat exchangers or cross-flow heat exchangers in conjunction with a Scheuch LIGNO extraction system contributes to reducing energy consumption and operational costs. With an efficiency of at least 65%, energy-efficient room temperature stabilisation is guaranteed. For more information, see ›  Heat recovery.