Project overview

Customer O.LUX GmbH & Co.
Sector Solid wood industry
Location Germany, Roth
Solution sepas+ negative pressure system
Filter Scheuch LIGNO impulse filter EtaMax
Extraction capacity 40.000 m³/h
Special feature Silo overhaul
Commissioning 2021

Energy saving, flexible and pleasant

The patented single-pipe system enables the system to be configured flexibly and also saves energy.

The system at the Austrian air technology specialist saves energy, is fully flexible thanks to the single-pipe system and ensures that the production hall looks tidy.

The extraction system at O.LUX is used for extraction on a new CNC machine, a large wide belt grinding machine, two planers and classic joinery machines. A new spark extinguishing system was also installed along with the extraction system. The company’s silo was also overhauled and re-equipped by Scheuch LIGNO. All work was completed while operation continued.

Workflows were also optimised

Alfred Deyerler looks back on the cooperation with Scheuch LIGNO positively: “From consultation and processing to after-sales care. Everything worked well. We were very satisfied with the overall package.”

High energy efficiency with the sepas+ negative pressure system

The sepas+ system scores above all with the varying air quantity at various machine capacities. The power used for extraction is adjusted continuously to the current capacity of the processing machines to optimise power consumption and to keep it as low as possible. The system is therefore particularly cost-effective.

Before the extraction system was installed, all machines were attached to their own extraction systems. “The ceiling was therefore full of pipes. Now, we have one single main section to which all machines are connected. Everything therefore looks much brighter and tidier. The workshop has become a showcase”, says Alfred Deyerler. Scheuch LIGNO also brought the silo up to scratch. “Our › chip bunker is 25 metres high and can be seen for miles around. Previously, we had a very old system on top of the bunker but now we have a nice cyclone. This is also a clear visible improvement for us.”

Flexible single-pipe system

Machinery can be simply adapted with sepas+ thanks to its flexible single-pipe system leading to the individual connected machines. To implement changes and expansions, only the short duct from the extracting machine to the main extraction pipe needs to be changed or re-laid, without having to change the dimensions of the main piping. Thanks to the high flexibility of the single-pipe system with its ability to adapt quickly and easily, operational productivity can be increased.

O.lux – experts for projects with wood

Over three generations, O.LUX has developed from a wood trade and sawmill company into a leading regional provider in the building construction, wooden components, timber engineering and furniture sectors. The family business, O.LUX is close to Nuremberg and therefore easy to reach, and has been located in Roth in Middle Franconia since it was founded. One factor has remained unchanged over the decades: the passion for wood! As an owner-led company that has its own, family-owned forest, O.LUX has a solid basis to meet the challenges of the future. O.LUX is therefore shaping the decisive role of wood as a climate-friendly and light material in the overcrowded housing sector with groundbreaking projects. For more information, see

“The energy savings were the most important thing for us. However, we also wanted to optimise workflows while we were implementing this project. These have changed significantly over the decades. We have now set the machines up so that the workflows also correspond to what we manufacture.”

Alfred Deyerler, head of the stair construction and maintenance department