Project overview

Customer Rema Premium Timber
Sector Solid wood board factory
Location Austria, Mandling
Solution segas+ excess pressure systems
Filter Scheuch LIGNO EtaMax impulse filter
Extraction capacity 120.000 m³/h
Special feature Reliable material charging
Commissioning 2022

Energy saving, flexible and pleasant

Energy-efficient and space-saving segas filter system

For the new building in the new location, Scheuch LIGNO installed a segas filter system with an extraction capacity of 120,000 m³/h. The segas excess pressure system from the Austrian air technology specialist guarantees optimum availability despite extremely high requirements.

The › segas filter system that was installed by Scheuch LIGNO has four group extraction systems and a total air quantity of 120,000 m³/h. The processing machines are combined into groups and connected to the main pipe for the relevant group extraction system via a duct. The extracted wood chip dust mixture is fed into the filtering system via the pipework and separated. The extraction fans are arranged upstream of the filter and are installed outside. The › extracted wood chip dust mixture is separated in a central, weatherproof filter system that is also located outside.

“The overall process was excellent”

“Scheuch LIGNO has been one of our partners for many years. Everything has always worked really well up to now. Therefore, Scheuch LIGNO was our first point of contact for the new building. The overall process was once again excellent. Everything has gone smoothly up to now as always”, said Andreas Rettenegger, managing director at REMA

Air cleaned by the filter can be blown outside through a change-over flap in summer. Air can be fed back via a return channel into the production hall during the heating period. The proportion of exhaust / return air can be regulated between 0 and 100 percent using a control damper. The conveyor system is manufactured as a low pressure system and conveys the material separated in the filter system to temporary storage. The conveying fan is positioned downstream of the material feed unit on the clean air side. The material is separated in the cyclone and introduced without pressure into the silo via a tested rotary valve in free fall, through the silo cover.. The conveying air is sucked in again via the ring line and supplied in a circular fashion so that no dust can escape.

“We have invested around 25 million euro in our new building in Mandling. Our output is very high. We have numerous wood processing machines in use, such as profiling machines, cutting systems, CNC machines or a surface treatment line for solid wood boards and profiled boards. This means that the extraction technology also had to be designed to be correspondingly large”, said REMA managing director, Andreas Rettenegger

Rema premium timber – one name, two wood factories

The Rettenegger family has been working with a special material for more than 85 years. Every tree and every board is unique. In the sold wood board factory in Eben im Pongau, the company has been manufacturing solid wood boards, door friezes, door blanks and timber under the rema brand since 1989. As the REMA planing mill location in Bischofshofen became too small, the planing mill moved to Mandling in 2022. Around 25 million euro was invested in this. The new mill is fully operational since August 2022. For more information, see

“Energy efficiency through heat recovery was also important to us. As well as the entire layout concept. It should be as compact as possible despite the large volume. Scheuch LIGNO implemented everything very well.”

Andreas Rettenegger, REMA managing director