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The success story continues!

Scheuch ligno is investing five million euro in development

The Scheuch LIGNO GmbH success story continues. The company that was spun off from the parent company, Scheuch, in 2015 is now investing five million euro in a new production hall and in new, more efficient machines in the Mehrnbach location. The air technology specialist is therefore ensuring the most cost-effective solution for its current and future customers with this development.

“Since we were founded in 2015, our operating performance has more than doubled. In order to be able to continue to grow, we will now increase our production capacities. In addition, we will reinforce our value chain to our customers and increase the amount of in-house production”, said Alois Burgstaller, managing director of Scheuch LIGNO GmbH. “Our operating performance shows that we have been highly successful over the last five years. We have exceeded all of our key target figures. We have also gained many new customers. In 2015, we started with 89 employees in Mehrnbach and we now have 156 colleagues. We offer secure employment, we even employed new staff during the COVID pandemic and will create new jobs in the immediate future.

Ready in october – new high-tech speed laser

Construction of the new 2,066 m² production hall is planned to start in April. As long as there are no delays due to COVID, completion is planned for October 2021. Cutting and switch cabinet construction are to be expanded in the new hall. To do this, the old laser will be replaced with a new high-tech speed laser with automatic loading and a high rack. “With this investment, we will be automating and networking our cutting area. This is an important step towards industry 4.0 for us”, said Alois Burgstaller.

Painting system and welding fume ventilation for research and development

The surface coating and welding fume extraction areas are also becoming very important to Scheuch LIGNO. We will therefore integrate a complete painting system into the new production hall, which will be used mainly for testing. The newly-developed compact filter for welding fume extraction and laser dedusting will also be used.