Hall layered ventilation
(production hall air cleaning)

The hall air purification system from Scheuch LIGNO is an effective solution for dust removal from production hall air. With layer ventilation, clean air is supplied to the welding workstation area through source air outlets close to the floor. This air feed causes the welding fumes to thermally rise towards the extraction ports. This ensures continuous air circulation, which significantly improves air quality. In summer, instead of air recirculation, fresh air can be added continuously and in a temperature-controlled fashion, which removes warm air from the hall. The use of layer ventilation in production halls is also possible in combination with extraction booms and extraction hoods.

Advantages of production hall layer ventilation

  • Application area from small to large production halls
  • Production hall heights from 3 to 20 metres
  • Can be combined with heat recovery systems
  • Suitable for heating and cooling operation

  • Fully automatic control of fresh air flows

  • Intelligent air flow control through fume and dust particle measurement

Low-velocity diffusers

With the Scheuch LIGNO low-velocity diffusers, the air filtered with an additional filter stage is fed into the production area with low flow.

Version size 1

up to 2.500 m³/h

Version size 2

2.500 to 5.000 m³/h


Cover, base, nozzle and side parts made of galvanised sheet steel or optionally coated


Throttle valves for adjusting the air volume, spark protection at the air outlet to prevent flying sparks in the production area

Additional filter stage

M5 filter fleece integrated in the low-velocity diffuser

Technical information M5 filter

Progressive construction, calendered on one side, mechanical thermal bonding, filter class M5 according to ISO 16890. Material => synthetic filter fleece