Point extraction

With point extraction, the welding fumes are captured directly at the source by means of a suction arm. With a range of up to 8.5 metres, you are very flexible and can cover large welding areas. Easily movable and pivoting system solutions are adapted to the respective requirements.

Suction arm

Although suction arms offer greater resistance to the air flow than plastic or metal extraction arms, they remain an economical alternative that is particularly suitable for the extraction of dry welding fumes. The tube suction arm is a cost-effective solution for light welding applications, such as maintenance welding.

Ball bearing-mounted suction arm

Compared to heavy steel suction arms, the ball bearing-mounted suction arm is very flexible and user-friendly due to its aluminium tubes.

Extension gantry

The extension gantry comprises a stable frame construction with a metal tube and serves as additional equipment for the ball bearing-mounted suction arm and the tube suction arm.